GoLogic Group is thrilled to announce its support and collaboration with Sunny Street.

As trusted leaders in providing secure and reliable online fax solutions for organisations Australia-wideGoLogic Group strives to support local businesses and not-for-profit organisations that align with its goals and values.  

Co-founded in 2018 by Dr Nova Evans and Sonia GoodwinSunny Street provides individuals and families experiencing homelessness and vulnerability in Queensland with primary healthcare and complex coordination services.  

Through supportive conversations with qualified healthcare professionals, Sunny Street provide non-judgmental holistic support and advice to their patients. They offer a wide range of services including general health assessments, wound care, immunisations, mental health plans and more. 

With GoLogic Group’s assistance in providing a fast, reliable and efficient communication method for the organisation, Sunny Street can now focus more on breaking down the barriers to accessing healthcare and delivering theiservices to those who need it the most. 

Sunny Street co-founder, Dr Nora Evans, says that a collaboration with GoLogic Group will allow for faster, more efficient processing of patient information.  

“Our focus is on offering the chance for those less fortunate to take the time and have a conversation with a qualified doctor or nurse about their health journey, if they have any health concerns and how we can help make a positive difference in their life. 

By providing us with their support and compassion, GoLogic Group allows the Sunny Street team to continue focusing on putting our patients’ needs first. 

GoLogic Group Founder, Clint Betts, says it is more important now than ever before, to focus on supporting our local heroes and helping those working in the healthcare industry to protect our most vulnerable. 

2020 has been a tough year for many of us and we are deeply thankful for all frontline workers for helping to keep our community safe during these challenging times. We’re glad our collaboration with Sunny Street will assist in providing better outcomes for those in need across Queensland.”