The GoLogic Group team had the pleasure of attending the Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo on November 11, 2020.  

The expo was GoLogic Group’s first event of 2020, with networking events, conferences and expos taking a huge hit due to the Coronavirus outbreak earlier this year.  

Completely booked out with over 230 stands, the Brisbane Business and Jobs expo facilitates the showcasing of new and innovative ideas to manage and grow businesses across a broad range of industry sectors.  

It provides small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to attend the chance to network and support local businesses during these challenging times. 

The expo gave GoLogic Group the perfect opportunity to provide small businesses with a better understanding of the GoFax productshow it works and how they can implement it within their current business processes.  

Mandy Allen, Sales Executive at GoLogic Group says, “Fax and SMS can be used in so many different ways. Many people are unsure of how the GoFax products could benefit their business, or even how to move from using a fax machine to an online fax service. That’s where we come in.  

It is very energising being able to assist small businesses with more innovative communication means and see them excited about the potential it can bring to increase their customer engagement.”  

The majority of expo attendees who approached the GoLogic Group stand were unaware that online fax services are still in use in Australia and around the world 

Bradley Davis, CEO of GoLogic Group says, “You might be tempted to put faxing in the same basket as mullets and bellbottom jeans and think of it as an outdated relic; however, document transmission through fax technology has long been regarded as a security safe-haven, and still today is a reliable and stable method of document transfer.”  

GoLogic Group is looking forward to what 2021 has in store for the small business community and plan to continue enriching organisations across Australia with the power of online fax. 

Want to learn more about how to integrate GoLogic Group’s products in your business? Contact the team today.