GoLogic Group’s GoFax is pleased to announce its partnership with Global Health’s ReferralNet platform 

GoLogic Group built Australia’s leading online faxing product and solution for business, GoFax. Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, GoFax currently services over 12,000 customers and exchanges more than 4 million monthly fax messages across Australia.  

Founded in 2002, ReferralNet is Global Health’s secure messaging platform and is designed to work with the wider healthcare industry to improve the overall patient journey. It enables information to be sent securely and safely between clinicians and their patients.  

By partnering with ReferralNetGoLogic Group can expand their online fax service offerings to new and existing clients, allowing those specific clients in the healthcare industry to convert incoming faxes into an eReferral 

Bradley Davis, CEO of GoLogic Group says “GoFax customers appreciate the flexibility of a fax solution that adapts to the workflows of a changing healthcare environment. Our partnership with Global Health will result in a comprehensive communication solution for both GoFax and Global Health customers.” 

GoFax provided a system-to-system connection and worked with the ReferralNet team to digitise processes and optimise the customer experience.” 

The ReferralNet platform connects directly with GoLogic’s GoFax system, allowing the eReferral to be sent through GoFax and be received in an already existing clinical system. Systems that connect with ReferralNet include Communicare, Audit4, ZedmedMedicalDirector and more. 

Matthew Cherian, Managing Director of Global Health says “We recognized there were still blockers in the digital flow of patient data across healthcare providers, due to the slow adoption of secure messaging, interoperability and the continued use of fax machines, especially with many smaller clinicians who are still paper based.”  

GoLogic Group’s partnership with ReferralNet will provide the Australian healthcare industry with a way to integrate fax technology across a wider network of clinical systems catered to the needs of exchanging confidential medical documents. 



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