What problem is the company trying to solve?

We strive to provide ‘Peace of Mind’ to customers that trust our business grade products and range of services. We understand that reliability and good service are very rare these days. We strive to buck the trend and provide what our competition can’t. I think our customer reviews suggests we are achieving that goal and it’s something as an organisation we are quite proud of.


What is unique about GoFax?

GoFax is unique in many ways. It was developed from the perspective of the end user so is really not like any other fax and SMS platform. Firstly, the reliability and quality is significantly increased because we have partnered with several fax and SMS wholesaler’s as well as using our own infrastructure. This allows superior redundancy options as well as flexibility to try different routes and conversion methods etc to get the best available outcome. For example if we need to send a fax to Europe it is routed via our partner in Germany which provides a much better quality image than sending via a server located in Australia. Our delivery rate is also amongst the highest in our industry which is why we are the only fax and SMS provider that only charges for successfully delivered messages.


What a-ha moments has your company had?

Too many to mention here but one of our proudest accomplishment was the design and implementation of our automated dual city redundancy network for our receive fax server hardware. Hardware faxing is far superior to ‘software faxing’ or ‘VoIP based services’, however, has always had a challenge with geographical restrictions due to fax numbers having to be terminated at a physical location. The GoFax receiving network load shares between our servers in Melbourne and Brisbane so if we lose a site there is no impact to customers. This is another unique feature to GoFax.


How has the business evolved?

The business was originally focused more on marketing communications. Now the focus is 90% transactional messaging. We have also spread our wings overseas which has prompted our current plans for international expansion.


How important is security of personal and company data to you and where do you see it going in the next 5 – 10 years?

Security of information is the backbone of our company. I believe it will become increasingly sought as security risks continue to grow. One of the problems I see with transferring information currently is that most methods provide a point in time where the originator loses control of the data. For example if I email a document I lose control once it has been sent. I might be able to prevent the document being changed but that’s where it ends.

The future will change the way we think about sending information. Apart from data security and encryption, data sovereignty and all the usual aspects we already know to be important, we will want to maintain control of the data after it has been sent. We will want to know who has seen the data and what they did with the data. We will be able to withdraw the data if we wish.

It is a very exciting time at the GoLogic Group as we draw closer to the launch of our new messaging platform that will deliver all of these features and many more. We have developed a solution that we believe has the capability to replace most fax and email communications.


What is your mission with the business moving forward?

My mission is to ensure that as we expand our business we continue to provide ‘peace of mind’ to all our customers and continue to lead our industry in areas of reliability, security and support. We will continue to invest heavily in product development and research to ensure we provide the best solutions available for our customers.