When we’re talking about the evolution of modern messaging, and I say, “Fax,” your mind quickly takes you to the late 80’s-early 90’s where you can imagine impatient employees eagerly waiting to send their important documents over an archaic machine, right? And you might be asking, “Do we still do that? Does anyone still do that?!”

For many industries, including the health care industry, fax is still one of the main communication mediums used. Why?

  1. It’s a secure peer-to-peer messaging solution that gives you proof of delivery
  2. It meets strict privacy regulatory requirements
  3. (And maybe the biggest reason) Everyone else is using it

For now, the fax industry is growing! And as a communications company, we’re behind it, supporting it. We’re doing all we can to help its continued growth; to make faxing more accessible and affordable. But, we’re not naive to the fact that both industry and government alike want to see an evolution or transition from fax. They’ve pushed hard for it. Really hard! In fact, there have been several attempts by public and private innovators to implement alternatives that replace the fax industry. Success in their attempts to move to an alternative has been evasive.

“Our solutions allow organisations to adopt tomorrow’s innovative digital messaging technologies today without interrupting their existing traditional messaging processes.”

Their unsuccessful attempts haven’t been for lack of innovation; their problem has been their focus on a replacement without a path of transition. Notifyre is that transition. Notifyre disrupts the fax and medical messaging industry as we know it, by acting as a Transitional Communication Platform where organizations can begin adopting new and innovative messaging technologies while still receiving best-in-class cloud fax and SMS text messaging solutions.

For example, STIRDIE, a secure, encrypted, user to user-verified, block-chain-based document transfer technology can be used within the Notifyre platform to offer organizations ready to begin making the move from fax, to do so; even when not all the recipients of their faxes are ready for the same transition. STIRDIE improves traceability and deliverability of encrypted documents while meeting industry and regulatory benchmarks and requirements.

It’s the next step in the continuation of messaging evolution.

Thousands of companies, like yours, brands that you know and trust, depend on the technology behind the Notifyre solution. Speak with one of our friendly sales representatives today and experience the high-quality messaging solutions that Notifyre has to offer you and your organization.