Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council, GoLogic Group was excited to be provided with the opportunity to present and attend Sunshine Coast Innovations Day 2021 on 23 March.  

Sunshine Coast Innovations Day connects innovative Sunshine Coast business solutions with corporate and larger business decision makers. It provides a gateway for GoLogic Group to network with stakeholders to showcase our new products – Notifyre and Stirdie – and how they will help enhance communications for all types of industries, organisations and users. 

At GoLogic Group, we’re proud to be paving the way for interoperability with products developed and built right here on the Sunshine Coast. The team enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other organisations based on the Sunshine Coast and demonstrate how our products can help power their communications. 

GoLogic Group’s Marketing Director, Jeremi Dickson, says that “It all starts with the fax machine, but we’re hoping that by providing a way for organisations to move away from legacy fax communications to more interoperable and verifiable communications technologies, we’ll reach our goal of connecting all organisationsusers and individuals together through a verifiable block-chain based environment which is Stirdie.”


What do we do with legacy communication mediums, like fax and SMS, when new modern tools become available? You’re about to find out. GoLogic Group develops secure, reliable, and compliant communications products and solutions. I’ll be sharing two of these solutions with you today.

Notifyre is a multi-channel communications hub that gives your business access, in a single platform, to online SMS, fax, digital secure message delivery (SMD) and secure file transfer and storage tools. It’s a place where proven legacy communications channels play nicely with modern. This dynamic between old and new, that values the strengths of both, allows us to future-proof legacy messaging systems, like fax and SMS, by supercharging their feature sets and powering them with intelligent workflows. Let me explain.

By future-proofing legacy systems, we give businesses the freedom to adopt modern communications channels without needing to be in synchronised step with every other organisation in the industry. By super charging feature sets, we are adding an extra layer of features to existing products, like fax to print or email to fax. And importantly, we’re centralising communications to a single hub with advanced security and encryption. By powering intelligent workflows, we are investing in a pathway toward interoperability between old and new, while introducing automated workflows to streamline business processes.

The healthcare industry is a good example of where Notifyre really shines. Did you know that about 75% of all healthcare communications are processed using fax? It’s true! Fax’s strengths lie in:

  1. its peer-to-peer transmission, privacy,
  2. Security regulatory approval,
  3. Proof of physical delivery, and
  4. Cost effectiveness.

These help it to retain its relevance and longevity. However, some often voiced challenges include:

  • Security and confidentiality vulnerabilities after delivery
  • Lack of digital workflows
  • Manual data handling, and
  • Issues with interoperability.

SMS also has its share of concerns. It’s quick and efficient, with an estimated 80% of people preferring to communicate with their healthcare provider using this method. However, SMS can easily be intercepted, spoofed, and lost. This creates serious concerns with patient data security. It also makes it incredibly difficult to have confidence in the true origin of a message.

But have no fear! We’ve built Notifyre to address these challenges with fax and SMS. Notifyre provides features that healthcare organisations rely on for vital communications and it incorporates virtual fax and SMS functionality into existing systems with powerful APIs.

Notifyre allows you to seamlessly communicate from just one platform that connects with other clinical systems and software while reducing administrative inefficiencies with automated processes. Its added security protocols help businesses safeguard patients’ sensitive data and comply with industry-mandated regulatory requirements. A unique added benefit is that Notifyre directly integrates with Stirdie, an end-to-end encrypted, blockchain-based messaging and file management environment. A new suite of secure interoperable digital communications technologies.

Stirdie connects organisations and users together through a secure, verified network, where data transactions are tracked through a blockchain-based audit trail, giving organisations and individuals complete visibility over their entire communications. Stirdie will be the backbone of numerous file handling and messaging products, including verified messaging, to eliminate fraud from digital messaging, secure file transfer, secure message delivery (SMD) and encrypted cloud storage. With Stirdie, organisations will be able to easily communicate information, like eReferrals, prescriptions, lab results and hospital discharge summaries with other service providers and patients through powerful intelligent workflows.

Notifyre and Stirdie are industry agnostic and will bring great benefits in several industries, including, government, finance, legal, healthcare and education, to name a few. What do we do with the strengths of legacy communication mediums? We build on top of them to reach new heights in modern communication.

We’d love you to enjoy these great products and want to know how we can help your business meet its messaging and file handling needs. To trial Notifyre, please visit, or to join us in industry consultation regarding the future of Stirdie, please visit