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My fax campaign is finished, I have received the summary report but it states the success is 0%.

A: Please check that you have correctly formatted your fax list in international format with the 61 included in the fax number.

I cannot view the Fax Broadcast Login page all I see is a blank box.

A: If the Fax Login fields do not appear on the Fax Broadcast Login page, you will need to install the latest version of Java. See Instructions on Installing Java.

When I upload my fax campaign and click accept, it says that I have too many invalid lines.

A: Ensure that the fax list contains no punctuation and the fax numbers are all in international format including the area code with no spacing. See Fax Marketing Instructions.

When I have uploaded the fax broadcast, an error comes up saying ‘error code PS to G3’.

A: This error typically indicates that there is an error in the PDF document uploaded. You will need to print the document to PRN. Please see Instructions on Personalised Fax or Additional Information on Personalised Fax Formatting.

The sample fax shows boxes and symbols instead of punctuation.

A: This may be a result of the document being converted with a PDF writer which is not Adobe PDF. Please print the document to PRN. Please see Instructions on Personalised Fax.

In my PDF fax document there were originally lines and tick boxes visible in the design. When uploading they appear missing or different in the sample fax.

A: Formatting errors may occur depending on what version of PDF writer you are using. Ensure PDF’s are created using Adobe PDF. If you are already using Adobe PDF, we can save the files to different file types to remove this issue. Please contact us for fax broadcasting assistance.

I have uploaded my fax broadcast I am not receiving my sample fax to my fax machine/number.

A: Please check in the Job Administration if the sample fax has been sent to the correct fax number in international format. The sample fax displays in the Job Administration as a separate line item for example: 61740513399: jobname. If you need to resend the sample fax, select the main campaign in the Job Administration, and enter in the Control Fax To: option, the correct fax number. Select Send.

May fax broadcast is complete, but I have not received the Fax Reports.

A: Please check if the email address you registered in the New Job upload is the correct email. Contact us on 1300 667 355 for assistance.

In the Job Administration, the Status of my fax campaign is still ‘Waiting’, but I have started the fax campaign

A: Firstly, select the Update List option which is located in the centre at the bottom of the Job Administration page. If more than 15 minutes have passed and the job still indicates it is Waiting, please contact our support team on 1300 667 355.

When I upload a mail merged document an error advises that the ‘layout file contains personalised fields which do not appear in the distributor file’.

A: Open the document and check that you have inserted the correct merge fields, click on the merge toolbar > View Merged Data. The Merge fields in the Excel file must match the text in the merge fields on the document. Click on the red ABC icon with the arrows to ensure that the text merges correctly. Please also ensure the font type is one which is compatible with our system, see step B2 under “Prepare your Fax document” under the Fax Merge Instructions.

How do I change the scheduled time of the fax campaign?

A: Login to the Job Administration and click on the job that you wish to reschedule. Click on Edit which is located on right hand side of the Job Administration and enter the time and date that you wish your job to start. Click Accept and then select for fax campaign and then Start.