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We offer an integrated suite of compliant, secure and reliable communications products and tools designed to meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry and other sectors including government, legal, finance and more. Our leading solutions for online fax, SMS as well as new technologies like block-chain based secure message delivery and file transfer allow customers to scale and evolve their organisations communications.

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Our Products

gologic iconOnline Fax

Transforming how organisations send and receive faxes securely. Using our online portal across desktop and mobile, as well as options to integrate using our API with existing practice management software.

gologic iconSMS

Engage and communicate with your customers through their most active channel. Advanced tools and features to reach your customers across our global carrier network.

gologic iconSecure Messaging

Block-chain based secure message delivery & file transfer. Manage file permissions and maintain a complete and verifiable record of messaging transactions. Currently in development, coming soon.

Our brands.


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GoFax services many of the healthcare organisations across Australia and is considered the number one trusted, secure and reliable online faxing solution available.

Our solutions are built for organisations of all shapes and sizes, to easily manage their online fax and SMS communications in a single platform from anywhere, anytime.

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    Built to meet strict security and compliance standards across industries

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    Secure online portal with advanced security features including data sovereignty

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    Send and receive fax or SMS using your existing email client

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    Integrates with your existing software using our API

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    Manage user roles and permissions for multi-tiered platform access

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Notifyre is a transitional communications platform allowing organisations to evolve their existing messaging tools to more secure, advanced and interoperable technologies and workflows. Helping industries like healthcare who are still heavily reliant on traditional messaging mediums like fax to transition to options like block-chain based document transfer and storage and more.

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    A modular and customisable platform that powers; cloud fax, SMS tools, block-chain based secure messaging, document transfer and storage & more.

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    Smart AI routing ensures that files will be delivered according to the destinations preferred format, whether it’s fax or secure messaging.

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Stirdie is a block-chain based secure messaging delivery (SMD) and file transfer solution – delivering immutability, transparency and security for permission-based sharing. Currently in development in consultation with the healthcare industry, STIRDIE is working towards messaging interoperability between verified organisations and users within its directory.

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    Secure, encrypted digital file transfer with no limitations to file type.

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    Connects you to verified organisations and users within the directory.

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    Manage user permissions and access options when sharing.

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    Maintain a complete and verifiable record of all digital transactions.

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    Encrypted cloud storage for your confidential documents and files.

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    Working towards meeting compliance standards for messaging across industry.

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10,000+ trusted customers and growing.

Secure, reliable and industry compliant messaging solutions across sectors; Healthcare, Government, Financial, Legal, Manufacturing & more.

We are facilitating the evolving messaging

requirements within the healthcare

industry through our

transitional communications

platform.” Bradley Davis | CEO

Our vision.

GoLogic Group was established in Sydney, Australia in 2001 with a commitment to provide organisations with a trusted suite of industry compliant, business-grade communications products and services that lead the industry in areas of messaging reliability, security and support.

Whether you are sending or receiving sensitive patient data through our online fax, integrating SMS to actively engage your customers or enhancing your secure communications to more advanced, inter-operable technologies – we strive to provide ‘Peace of Mind’ to customers through our evolving products and range of services.

Security of information has become the backbone of our company.” Clint Betts | Founder, Board Member

The future will change the way we think about sending information. Apart from data security and encryption, data sovereignty and all the usual aspects we already know to be important, we will want to maintain control of the data after it has been sent. We will want to know who has seen the data and what they did with the data. We will be able to withdraw the data if we wish. It is a very exciting time at the GoLogic Group as we draw closer to the launch of our new messaging platform that will deliver all of these features and many more.

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