Established in Carins, Australia in 2001, GoLogic Group was born from a response to consumer demand for high qualify fax services that offered great value, high reliability, best-in-class security and exceptional service. In 2018, GoLogic Group moved its headquarters to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Now 20 years on, GoLogic Group remains Australia’s leading online fax service for organisations of all sizes from every industry.

GoLogic Group has now evolved and diversified its product offerings from fax to include SMS and will soon be launching a new multi-communications product designed to assist organisations in every industry transition away from traditional fax machines.

The company values its responsibility as being a 100% Australian owned and operated company providing Australian businesses with a premium online fax and SMS service and support to match. However, GoLogic Group is excited to be expanding its user base globally to compete with international companies and promote Australian values, service and quality.

So why did GoLogic Group decide to make the move to the Sunshine Coast and what opportunities does the region present for the company moving forward?

Bradley Davis, GoLogic Group’s CEO says that the company decided to make the move because they felt they would be able to expand their reach of talented professionals and engage with a community culture on the Sunshine Coast that aligned with their own.

“The Sunshine Coast seems to attract well-grounded individuals; a quality we really appreciate in our team. Of course, the beautiful beaches, hinterland and weather attract people too! It all plays a part in creating an energetic and passionate workforce. As we continue to grow, both domestically and internationally, we anticipate filling vacancies from the Coast’s pool of quality candidates.”

According to Visit Sunshine Coast, the Sunshine Coast is ranked highest in Queensland for online business growth and is the state’s most web savvy region. The Sunshine Coast is home to a vast range of technology, specialist ICT and knowledge-based companies, which is another reason why GoLogic Group now feel at home.

Trade and Investment Queensland Australia says that the Sunshine Coast has a highly skilled and educated workforce, a focus on innovation, an increasingly diverse economy, accessibility to major national and international markets and well-planned areas for business growth.

Mr. Davis says that the Sunshine Coast has a huge focus on innovation, which will assist the company in achieving its vision to expand domestically and internationally.

“We know that the Sunshine Coast is growing and will continue to grow, as evidenced by the new direct international submarine data cable, Maroochydore’s Smart City development and the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport’s international runway; GoLogic Group is excited to be a part of job creation for the region.”

Not only is the Sunshine Coast desirable because of the opportunities it brings for those working in the technology industry, the region offers the perfect work/life balance for employees. That’s why GoLogic Group emphasizes the importance of a positive work culture.

“We’ve worked hard to create a work culture that empowers each employee to proactively take opportunities, risk, and responsibility – to take ownership of their role within the organisation. In exchange, we compensate with additional benefits that focus on the health and wellbeing of the individual.”
Jeremi Dickson, GoLogic Group’s Marketing Director has been with the company since it moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2018. Mr. Dickson says that he’s been put in an exciting position, having the opportunity to be part of the company’s tremendous growth and drive its evolution from its faxing roots.

“There is so much that GoLogic Group has to offer. Not just as an organisation on the Sunshine Coast, but worldwide. Everyone here is extremely motivated and united to a larger vision, I can’t wait to see what waves me make on a global scale.”

GoLogic Group is looking forward to launching their Notifyre product to the Australian market in April, expanding globally to the United States in late 2021. To learn more about the Notifyre product, visit the website here.