Privacy Policy

At GoLogic Pty Ltd we are strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers and users personal information. We strictly comply with the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 2012. We will not sell or disclose your information to any other organization unless required by law.


Information Collection and Use
At GoLogic Pty Ltd, in order to provide our services and/or to improve our users and visitors experience we may collect information from our website visitors, enquiries and customers. Personal information such as (but not limited to) name, business name, email, contact numbers and credit card details may be requested through relevant and suitable channels such as telephone, email, website enquiry forms, website free trial offers or general account registration forms. Account usernames and passwords for relevant services may be also collected and stored enabling users to access our secure sites.


In order to access and/or improve our services, cookies (a piece of text placed/stored by a user’s web browser for record keeping) may be used. Cookies are generally used to enable our online services, to manage and improve our visitor’s experiences and to improve our advertising and or web traffic monitoring. Depending on a user’s web browser and settings, computers can be configured to accept or reject cookies, or they can be deleted and/or may expire after a period of time. In some instances if cookies are disabled it may affect access to some of all of the content and facilities on our website.


In order for GoLogic to provide its services, information of account usage, reports and transmission/document history may be stored securely online for a limited period of time. See Terms and Conditions of relevant service. Such information will only be used in order to provide user’s relevant GoLogic services and/or to provide support or to improve our services to our customers.


We will be open and clear about the information we collect and what we do with information you provide. If you do not wish to receive information from GoLogic, unless required to use our services, you can opt out at any time. We also abide by a strict Code of Practice that demands we handle your personal details responsibly. This Code also requires that we act fairly and honestly in all of our customer transactions.


Security of Information
Strict guidelines are followed to ensure our users and customers’ information is protected, such guidelines include but are not limited to secure websites for collecting and storing information, secure hosting sites requiring authorized access, dedicated processes for information collection and data management, and strict training policies.


All information will be kept confidential to the best of our ability; however, due to the nature of online communication we cannot guarantee the security of transmissions which occur beyond our security control limitations. Alternate routing providers can be used which may utilise foreign gateways for delivery by suppliers agreeing to the Privacy ACT 2012, personal information is not shared.


In line with the Terms and Conditions of GoLogic services; account holders and users are responsible for securely managing their account access/login details. GoLogic will take no responsibility for the mismanagement or disclosure of account access/login details on the customers’ behalf.


Accuracy of Information
We will where possible keep all information on our users/account holders up to date and relevant. However in many instances user information can be controlled online via the user’s secure web account access, providing them the ability to update allowed information. We may also from time to time through numerous methods of contact request up to date information.


External Links 
Where there are links to external sites, unless through direct supply of our services, GoLogic are not responsible for the information or data collection processes these external sites manage.


Contact Us
If you wish to discuss our Privacy policy in further detail please contact our office on 1300 667 355 or via email at